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HOdo Group cares for the 100-year-old public welfare activities


On May 25th, in 2019, “HOdo inherits a thick love, yew helps people live longer” – HOdo Group’s charity event for the 100-year-old and the yew health industry wealth summit were successfully held in Wuxi yew village. At the meeting, Zhou Yaoting, honorary chairman of Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation, and Ma Jian, deputy secretary of the Wuxi Civil Affairs Bureau, distributed 100,000 yuan of love subsidies to the five new 100-year-olds in Donggang Town in 2019. It is reported that Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation has held the "Care for the Elderly" campaign for five consecutive years since its establishment. It has distributed love subsidies to 42 centenarians, setting an example to respect the old and love the old for the local.It also conveyed the good filial piety of the 100-year-old family, showing the sense of corporate social responsibility.



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