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"The Softness Transcending a Millennium" - Hongdou Home Presents Successful Launch of Baby Cotton Silk Bra

Published in: 2023-03-03

Recently, HOdo Home held a grand unveiling ceremony for their new line of baby cotton silk bras titled "The Softness Transcending a Millennium" at the Suzhou Museum. This product launch seamlessly blended elements of silk culture, storytelling through traditional Chinese musical performances, and a showcase of contemporary Chinese fashion, conveying the unique charm of silk culture and Oriental aesthetics. On the runway, models donned the upgraded and comfortable baby cotton silk bra series, providing the audience with a refreshing visual and spiritual experience.



As a well-established domestic brand, HOdo Home has long been committed to the research and application of soft fabrics, striving to provide women with a more comfortable, healthy, and natural wearing experience. In terms of design, HOdo Home pays attention to detail and quality, focusing on premium fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship to constantly innovate and meet the lingerie needs of women. Since 2020, HOdo Home has merged modern techniques with silk, dedicating efforts to introduce lingerie products that possess enhanced softness and comfort. After countless experiments and improvements, HOdo Home launched the "Baby Cotton Soft Silk Bra Series," which has been widely embraced and appreciated by women.



During this baby cotton silk bra collection launch event, HOdo Home showcased their years of dedication and achievements in product quality, design, and cultural heritage.

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