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"Seizing Opportunities and Delivering Orders: HOdo Clothing's Foreign Trade Team Boosted with High Morale"

Published in: 2023-03-13

At the airport terminal, members of the "international team" were bustling, traveling back and forth to seize business opportunities both outbound and inbound. On the production line, workers were tirelessly fulfilling round-the-clock orders, preparing for worldwide shipments. Shipping containers were being arranged by documentation officers, destined for ports in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. At Hongdou International, since the Chinese New Year, the entire foreign trade team has been actively engaged in business trips, order processing, and scheduling. Face-to-face negotiations between company representatives and clients have brought about fruitful exchanges and an upsurge in new orders. "Building upon last year's record-breaking 60% growth in foreign trade, we anticipate a magnificent first quarter this year, with a revenue increase of over 20% compared to the same period!" said Lu Li, the confident General Manager of Hongdou International. In 2022, Hongdou’s four clothing business divisions collectively secured $270 million in foreign trade orders, setting a new record.


"Running Ahead": Covering Prominent Clients

Hongdou International's foreign trade team traveled to several countries and regions including Germany, France, Spain, the United States, and Japan, securing a rich harvest of orders.


"The European and American markets are particularly sensitive to the functionality of products. Our demand for suits, sportswear, and knitted T-shirts has always been high!" During the recent Lunar New Year holiday, Hongdou International's foreign trade salesperson, dedicated to their work even during the break, successfully obtained orders worth over $5 million from clients. Their efforts paid off during the peak season! With the end of the pandemic and based on the demands of overseas clients and specific market segments, Hongdou’s foreign trade department will continue to leverage the offices in Singapore, Japan, and New York, better connecting with and serving their clients. Additionally, they will establish supply chain production in Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, creating a complementary domestic and international supply chain to better meet customer demands.


"Confident": Simultaneous Focus on Cross-Border E-commerce and ODM


Stepping into Hongdou International's clothing exhibition hall, one can see the latest ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, fabric samples, designers' fashion sketches, as well as the latest lace and accessories trends for 2023, all beautifully displayed. Over the years, Hongdou’s foreign trade clothing business has invested heavily in researching and developing new products and functional fabrics. They have introduced Style 3D software design to enhance their core competitiveness, becoming a new driving force for clothing exports in foreign trade.


In terms of market channels, Hongdou has established a presence in cross-border e-commerce in the United States and Japan, exporting through their own brand and gaining a foothold in the end market. Especially for special body types overseas, Hongdou offers the fastest online modeling and customized services, exploring new avenues for the transformation and upgrading of traditional foreign trade.


Internally, Hongdou has been upgrading domestic factories with intelligent transformations, continuously improving production efficiency. The company's foreign trade business has been steadily rising, and in response to the demands for summer collections from overseas clients, the factory is currently working at full capacity with remarkable enthusiasm. The first-quarter orders represent the development trend for the entire first half of the year and have already demonstrated an accelerating pace.


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